ABG Quality Report App


As part of the digital transformation initiative for American Bath Group (ABG), I designed and developed the "ABG Mold App", a tailored solution using Microsoft Power Apps Canvas App. This application addresses ABG's mold management processes, offering a user-centric interface and robust functionalities.

Key Features:-
Multistep Forms:

Implemented intuitive multistep forms to simplify the often complex process of entering mold-related details. The user-friendly design ensures a smooth experience for data entry, enhancing user adoption and minimizing errors in record creation.

Dataverse Integration:

Leveraged Microsoft Dataverse as the primary data source for the application. Dataverse provides a secure and structured environment for storing mold-related records. This integration not only ensures data integrity but also facilitates scalability and adaptability as ABG's data needs evolve.

Cloud Flow Automation:

Integrated Microsoft Power Automate (Cloud Flow) to automate data updates and streamline communication across the organization. This automation ensures that the "ABG Mold App" is always up-to-date with the latest information, fostering real-time collaboration among users.

Record Visualization Screen:

Developed a dedicated screen within the app to allow users to view and analyze saved records effortlessly. This screen serves as a central hub for data visualization, providing users with a comprehensive overview of mold-related information. The design prioritizes clarity and accessibility, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Collaboration with ABG Quality App:

The seamless integration with the "ABG Quality App" demonstrates a holistic approach to digital solutions. By ensuring compatibility between the two applications, users can effortlessly transition between mold management and quality assurance processes. This collaborative effort enhances the overall efficiency of ABG's operations.

Power BI Integration:

Integrated Power BI reports specifically tailored to ABG's requirements. These reports offer visually compelling and insightful analytics derived from the data captured in the "ABG Mold App". Stakeholders can now make data-driven decisions with ease, thanks to the accessible and actionable insights provided by the integrated Power BI dashboards.


The "ABG Mold App" has significantly transformed ABG's mold management processes. The user-centric design and robust functionalities have resulted in improved data accuracy, reduced processing time, and enhanced overall operational efficiency. The seamless collaboration with the "ABG Quality App" and the integration of Power BI reports underscore the project's success in delivering a comprehensive and interconnected solution.

Contact Information:

Project information

Category: App design
Client: American Bath Group
Project date: 22 January, 2024
Information Technology:
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Dataverse
  • Power Automate (Cloud Flow)
  • Power BI