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Introduction to Power Apps


Power Apps is a Low-code / No-code application development platform developed by Microsoft. It empowers users to create custom business applications and solutions without extensive coding. Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes Power BI for business intelligence and Power Automate (formerly known as Flow) or workflow automation.

Introduction to Power Apps

What is Power Apps?(Canvas App)

Canvas app: -

A Canvas app is one of the two main types of apps that you can create using Microsoft Power Apps. It's a custom business application that allows us to design and build apps with a high degree of flexibility and customization

Why use Power Apps for app development?

Power Apps is a rapid, low-code/no-code platform for custom app development, offering seamless integration with Microsoft services, cross-platform support, diverse data connections, custom UI design, and formula-based logic. It ensures security, cost-efficiency, and empowers both developers and non-developers. With scalability and integration capabilities, Power Apps facilitates end-to-end solutions.

Overview of Canvas Apps vs. Model-Driven Apps.

Canvas Apps

1. Custom UI design with drag-and-drop.

2. Ideal for creative, flexible solutions.

3. Diverse data source connectivity.

4. Low-code, no-code approach for developers.

5. Greater customization control.

Model-Driven Apps

1. Data-driven, structured UI.

2. Suited for CRM and data-centric apps.

3. Dataverse (C D S) integration.

4. Automation and workflow-focused.

5. Ideal for business processes and structured data models.