Cylinder Monitoring App

Cylinder Monitoring App


Cylinder Monitoring App, a robust desktop application developed in .NET. This application offers comprehensive features for managing cylinder inventory, delivery processes, and customer interactions.

Key Features:-
1. Delivery Boy Management

Effortlessly add or remove delivery boys to optimize your delivery operations. Assign deliveries, track performance, and ensure a smooth delivery workflow.

2. Customer Management

Manage your customer base efficiently. Add or remove customers, update contact information, and maintain a centralized database for seamless communication.

3. Cylinder Inventory Control

Keep track of your cylinder inventory in real-time. Easily add or remove cylinders from the system, monitor stock levels, and prevent shortages or overstock situations.

4. Delivery Status Tracking

Monitor the status of cylinder deliveries from dispatch to completion. Track the location of delivery boys and ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

5. Payment Status Updates

Stay on top of payment transactions with a built-in payment status feature. Easily update and track payment statuses, reducing administrative overhead and improving financial visibility.

Effortlessly manage delivery and track
Effortlessly manage delivery boys and track their assignments.
Centralized customer management
Centralized customer management for seamless communication.
Real-time monitoring of cylinder inventory levels
Real-time monitoring of cylinder inventory levels.
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Category: App design
Project date: 11 November, 2023
Information Technology:
  • Database- Dataverse