Jimenez Wood Products Invoicing System

Jimenez Wood Products Invoicing System


This application, developed using PowerApps, is designed to streamline your invoicing process and offers unique features tailored to the needs of Jimenez Wood Products Company.

Key Features:-
1. Invoice Creation

Generate professional invoices quickly and efficiently. Our user-friendly interface makes the process seamless, allowing you to create accurate invoices with just a few clicks.

2. Invoice Status Tracking

Keep a close eye on the status of your invoices. Easily monitor whether an invoice is pending, paid, or overdue, ensuring you stay on top of your financial transactions.

3. Three Installment Payments

Facilitate flexible payment options with our three-installment payment feature. This allows your clients to manage their payments conveniently, improving cash flow for both parties.

4. Client and Products Database

Maintain a centralized client & Products database for easy retrieval of customer information. Enhance customer relationships by staying organized and informed.

Effortlessly create professional invoices
Effortlessly create professional invoices.
Manage payments conveniently
Manage payments conveniently with our three-installment feature.
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Category: App design
Project date: 11 November, 2023
Information Technology:
  • Database- Dataverse