Billing Process Automation

Project Description:

The Billing Process Automation project at WTW involved automating a legacy billing application using UiPath. This transformative initiative aimed to streamline and enhance the billing process for increased efficiency and accuracy.

Key Highlights:
  • Legacy Application Automation: We successfully automated the complex billing process of the legacy application, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing errors.
  • UiPath Queue Integration: Data processing was efficiently managed through UiPath Queue, ensuring seamless data flow and improved handling of transactions.
  • Email Automation: In case of successful or failed transaction processes, the bot was configured to send automated emails with attached required documents, keeping stakeholders informed and updated.
Project Achievements:
  • Significantly reduced processing time and errors in the billing process.
  • Enhanced communication through automated email notifications.
  • Improved overall efficiency in financial operations.
  • Completed the project within the stipulated timeframe of 3 months.

The Billing Process Automation project for WTW exemplified the power of Robotic Process Automation in optimizing legacy systems, increasing operational efficiency, and ensuring timely and accurate billing processes.

Automation Framework
Application Screenshot-1
Application Screenshot-2
Application Screenshot-3

Project information

Project Name: Billing Process Automation
Client: WTW
RPA Platform: UiPath
Project Duration: May 2023 to August 2023
Information Technology:
  • UiPath (RPA Platform)
  • UiPath Queue
  • Email Automation