"Customizing Controls in Power Apps: Hidden Gems You Should Know"


Power Apps offers a plethora of controls that enable you to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces for your apps. While many controls are well-known and commonly used, there are several hidden gems that can take your app customization to the next level. In this blog, we'll explore some lesser-known controls and customization options in Power Apps that will unlock new possibilities for your app designs.

Data Table Control:

Discover the power of the Data Table control, a versatile tool that allows you to display tabular data with advanced functionalities. Learn how to enable sorting, filtering, and grouping to provide a rich user experience for handling large datasets.

  • So in here data table you can view your data or large data sets in the table.
  • It is similar to Gallery in power apps but is not flexible like gallery. Yes you can select an item in the data table.
  • Just add your data in the data table control and it will show all data in the table.
  • And here if you want to edit the data in the data table then you need to add a form control also.
  • And after that change the item property of the form control to (DataTable1.Selected).
  • It will show the data of the selected column in the form control.
  • After that add a button in the screen and set its onselect property to [submitform(Form1)].
  • Now as you have added a button in the screen your can change the data in the data table control.
  • You can change the data of the data table control.
  • Like this change the selected information and click on button.
  • It will change the data of the data table like you can see in the above image.

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Abhishek Kumar
Power Apps Consultant