Mastering Multi-Value Dropdown in PowerApps

Explore the intricacies of multi-select functionality in PowerApps Canvas Apps. Learn how to optimize combo boxes for a seamless user experience. Dive into advanced Power Platform techniques and elevate your app development skills.

In a Power Apps Canvas App scenario with two combo boxes, where the first combo box displays distinct values from a DataVerse table using the formula:

“Distinct(recurrences, RecurrenceDays)”

And the second combo box is populated with choices from a 'DaysOfWeek Choice' table using:

“Choices('DaysOfWeek Choice')” 

Now, let's consider a requirement: If "Weekly" is selected in the first combo box, the second combo box should automatically select all weekdays, excluding weekends.

To implement this functionality, adjust the second combo box's DefaultSelectedItems property using the following formula:

Choices('DaysOfWeek Choice'),
Value <> 471010006  // Exclude Saturday

This Function filters the choices to automatically select all weekdays, excluding Saturday, based on the specific values from the 'DaysOfWeek Choice' table.

By incorporating this Function, you enhance the user experience by automating the selection process in the second combo box, aligning with the Weekly selection in the first combo box.

(Choices('DaysOfWeek Choice'),
And( Value <> 471010006,Value <> 471010000)),[])"

"If the value of the first data card is 'Weekly,' the second data card will automatically select five weekdays by default; otherwise, it will remain blank."

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