What to do when your flow is not working and showing error "Invalid type. Execpted Integer but got null.".

  • Go to the flows section in the solution. And select the flow which is not working
  • Then click on the failed flow to see the error.
  • So in this case I have the (validation Failed. The schema validation failed.)
  • Here in the output it is showing a message that “invalid Type. Expected Integer but got Null”
  • It means somewhere in my app it is giving the null value in the schema that I have passed in the JSON.
  • So as in the next image you can see I have passed the “integer” in the schema. in “Max Marks” and “Obtained Marks”
  • Now I have to change the data type of these like shown in the next image
  • Now your flow will work perfectly.

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Abhishek Kumar
Power Apps Consultant