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What are Actions?

Actions are the tasks and steps performed within your workflows in Power Automate. They are the operations that occur in response to a trigger and enable you to automate specific actions or decisions.

Types of Actions:

  • Basic Actions: These are fundamental actions like sending an email, creating a task, updating a spreadsheet, or generating a notification.
  • Example of Basic Action:
    • Send an Email (Outlook)
    • Create a Task (Planner)
  • Advanced Actions: These may involve complex data transformations, conditionals, loops, or interactions with multiple services in a single action.
    (Will learn more about Advanced Actions in upcoming sections)
  • Example of Advanced Action:
    • Apply to Each (Loop)
    • Compose (Data Operation)

Key Points about Actions:

  1. Actions are the core of your workflow and dictate what happens after the trigger condition is met.
  2. They can be connected in a sequence to create a series of operations that accomplish a specific task or process.
  3. Actions can use dynamic content from the trigger or previous actions to make workflows dynamic and data-driven.