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Creating Loops and Iterations

Understanding Loops and Iterations

Loops and iterations are like the reliable assistants in your workflow, tirelessly performing actions for each item in a list. Let's delve into the specifics.

Looping Through Data

Step-by-Step Guide:

Scenario: Creating Greetings for Each Name in a List

1. Trigger:
  • Use the "Manually trigger a flow" trigger. This trigger allows you to start the flow manually for testing purposes.
2. Initialize Variable:
  • Add an action to initialize a variable. Let's call it "NameList" and set its value to an array of names. For example, ["Alice", "Bob", "Charlie"].
3. Apply to Each:
  • Add the "Apply to Each" action.
  • Choose the "NameList" variable as the input array.
4. Compose:
  • Inside the "Apply to Each" loop, add the "Compose" action.
  • Use an expression to create a greeting for each name. For example, use the expression concat('Hello ', items('Apply_to_each')).
5. Compose (Outside the Loop):
  • Add another "Compose" action outside the loop to join the individual greetings into a single string.
  • Use the expression join(outputs('Compose'), ', ') to create a comma-separated string.
6. Save and Test:
  • Save your flow and manually trigger it. Check the output to see the generated greetings.