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Key Concepts and Terminology(flows, connectors, triggers, actions)

In your journey with Power Automate, it's essential to grasp key concepts and terminology.

  • Flows: These are at the heart of Power Automate, and they define the series of actions that need to be performed automatically. Flows can be as simple as sending a notification or as complex as processing data across multiple systems.
  • Connectors: Connectors act as bridges between Power Automate and other applications or services. They define how data is exchanged between systems. For example, you can use connectors to link Power Automate with Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or other external platforms.
  • Triggers: Triggers initiate flows. They are the events that signal the need for automation. Triggers can be manual (initiated by a user), automatic (based on certain conditions), or scheduled.
  • Actions: Actions are the specific tasks that a flow performs. They can include sending emails, updating records in a database, creating documents, or interacting with various applications.

Note: (We’ll learn more about these in next section of this course)