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Exploring Available Connectors

What are Connectors?

Connectors are the bridges that enable Power Automate (Cloud Flow) to interact with external services, applications, and data sources. They act as the link between your workflows and the services you want to integrate with.

  • Built-in Connectors: These are pre-configured connectors provided by Power Automate for popular Microsoft services like Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, and third-party applications such as Twitter, Google Drive, and Dropbox. They are ready to use without additional setup.
  • Example of Built-in Connector:
    • SharePoint Online
    • OneDrive for Business
  • Custom Connectors: Custom connectors allow you to integrate with services not covered by built-in connectors. You can create your own custom connectors to connect with internal systems, proprietary software, or less common external services. They require additional setup and can be used to extend the capabilities of Power Automate. (Will learn more about Custom Connectors in upcoming section)
  • Example of Custom Connector:
    • Proprietary HR Database
    • Custom Marketing Automation System

Key Points about Connectors:

  1. Connectors can have specific actions and triggers associated with them, which define what you can do with the integrated service.
  2. Authentication is often necessary to establish a secure connection between Power Automate and the external service. This authentication can include OAuth, API keys, or other methods to ensure secure data transfer.
  3. You can manage, add, and remove connectors from your Power Automate environment as needed.
  4. Connectors offer a wide range of integration possibilities, making them a fundamental part of creating automated workflows.